Today I will try to reconcile with my dad. It is time I tell him my story and how he has wounded me. I hope that in the process, I will be freer to move–and even to fly- now that nothing is chaining me. But, I am afraid. Afraid that if I show him my wound, he will wound me deeper.

Still, I must do this.

My God, give me the strength to move closer to those who may hurt me, give me the courage to share what I have endured, and give me the wisdom and love to love another as I would myself. Give me peace, my lord, let me feel the coolness that your gentle waters bring, and help me to know that you are God, and you will never leave me nor forsake me.

It is time I take up my staff and move forward. I see the goal ahead and I must not waver. I shake and I tremble, but I do so in the embrace of One who is ever steadfast and who never fails.

“Be still my beating heart…” be still.


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